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Finally,  in 2014 at the ripe age of 50, Don went to a drop-in art program with the  Pandora Arts Collective (  and the Victoria Brain Injury Society ( and learned how to paint. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Don discovered what I knew all along, he is pretty good at painting.  I attended every class with my Daddy, and never left his side.  While I am his muse and his inspiration, he has also done paintings of his friend's dogs, learned animation ("Mexican Hat Dance" is our smash hit animation movie revolving around me, of course).  Don also learned film making and he is also a skillful story teller. He regularly shares my fun adventures in an online forum as a way of helping others through the painful challenges of losing a pet.
I am the reason my Daddy learned how to paint.


Don always wanted a portrait of me, I mean, who wouldn't ...right???...but the portraits were kinda pricey, so rather than pay for a portrait, which would have cut into my puppy treat fund, not to mention my medication fund, he finally took the steps to go to a drop in art class through the brain injury program he belongs to, which helps people with brain injuries rebuild and recover. But it wasn't without a sacrifice on my part. You see, Don kept  procrastinating for years and while I knew he had the talent in him, Don wasn't too confident about going to the classes, he was afraid he wouldn't know what he was doing and let his fear stand in his way. To give him the push he needed, I did what I had to do, I had a stroke, (that's why my tongue hangs out now), the stroke almost killed me, but Don helped me recover, even teaching me how to walk again. That was all the motivation he needed...the things I do for my Daddy, sheesh!!

Don has exhibited his art work in two shows at the Little Fernwood Gallery in Victoria, B.C. and plans to hold a future show about me, his little girl, as he affectionately calls me, honoring my life in paintings and animation.


Please  keep your eye on my Daddy, and visit our website to see all of our paintings and animation projects.  


2016 is the unstoppable year for my proud Daddy, Don Rands.

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