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One year Tribute to Bella

On Wednesday, 52 weeks to the day that Bella had to leave, we released a bouquet of balloons from the Mt. Doug High School football field, Bella's absolutely favorite place to play and run.


Red, Green and White balloons honour Bella's Mexican Heritage and tied to them are notes that both Vera and I wrote in English and Spanish. I even attached a little Ruby ring to the balloons for Bella, Ruby being her month of birth...girl needs to have her bling..right?

We popped champagne and drank B-52 shooters in Bella's honor as well. When we arrived at the field we were the only ones there, and as I was getting ready to release the balloons, the field behind me started filling up with students getting ready to play flag football for PE class.....seeing as it's not football season here...I have to wonder if that wasn't Bella letting us know she was there with us.

Bella and I made this short film in art class. It is my very first animated movie and revolves, of course,  around Bella.... She was with me each and every day while making the movie and like a pro, nailed her part in one take. I took over 2000, yes two thousand, photos and then compiled them together to make the video. I even did the voices for the mice!

Mexican Hat Dance
Don Rands is a portrait artist with only one muse... his fun loving chihuahua, Bella. As Don paints, he recalls the time that he and Bella came face to face with a huge deer. Rather than running away, the little dog stood her ground and showed that deer what courage really looks like — all in the name of protecting her owner. 
Get in the Car NOW!!! Heart of a Lion
Watch as Don shares the story of Bella and Vera and the teenage daughter/mother relationship they had as his painting of Bella and Vera comes to life.
Oh No You Don't!
Don shares the story of Bella swimming.
Bella's Paradise
Don tells the story about his little girl and the Mother/ Teenage daughter relationship between Bella and her Mom, as they fight over the phone.
Pair of Queens
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